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SwissGlobal: more than a translation company

We make sure your customers understand you – wherever they are and whatever language they speak.

SwissGlobal is obsessive about quality. Our language experts have the technical and linguistic background to make your content work all over the world. And all our translations and other services conform to the highest security standards.

SwissGlobal services

Specialised translation

We understand your business – and not just from a linguistic angle. Our subject matter expertise also ensures that our translations are of the very highest standard.

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Editing and proofreading

Your text is important and needs to be correct. We give it the final polish to make your diamond sparkle.

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For your advertising message to make an impact beyond national borders, the translation needs to be adapted to local cultures.

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Machine translations have their shortcomings. That is why we review and improve these texts to optimise quality.

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Our highly qualified language professionals speak your customers’ language, wherever they are in the world.

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We can of course convert spoken words into written text, but there is much more to transcription than that. Our experts can transcribe video soundtracks and audio recordings from focus group interviews, academic studies, expert discussions and more. We catch every single word.

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Translation memories

You don’t create every one of your texts from scratch, so the same should apply to translations. By using a translation memory, existing wordings in different languages can be stored ready to be reused in future translations. This brings various advantages: the language used in your translations remains consistent, and you save time and money.

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Terminology management

A good translation involves more than just linguistic ability. Using technical terms correctly and consistently is vital in strictly regulated markets and in texts such as contracts and technical documentation. We develop and maintain terminology databases for you, to ensure that your terminology is applied consistently in all language versions.

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The chances are that your core business is not writing. Nevertheless, that’s what you find yourself doing over and over again: sections of the annual report, brochures, industry magazine articles and more, even though you really don’t have the time for it. That’s where we come in: our language experts can write your brochures, web content, articles and more to your precise specifications. We will find the right words and tone to show your company in its best light.

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Desktop publishing

Perhaps you have already noticed that translations can often be longer than the original. In some cases the difference can be as much as 20%. This can create headaches with printed brochures and magazines in particular, as there simply isn’t enough space. Our DTP team works in the software of your choice to lay your publications out in such a way that each language version fits optimally onto the page.

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SwissGlobal Portal

Need to place an order outside office hours? Our Customer Portal lets you obtain quotes quickly and flexibly, upload orders and manage your projects securely. The SwissGlobal Customer Portal is certified to ISO 17100 standards and can be customised to suit your needs. Flexible, secure and transparent translation management is right here for you.

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Secure machine translation

Machine translation tools such as DeepL have their uses, but they cannot yet achieve the same quality as a human translator. The major problem with online tools is data security: you have no control over who sees your text or where it is stored. We offer machine translation in conjunction with certified providers – the perfect solution for secure machine translation.

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Website translation

Your website is your company’s window to the world, which means it is critical that you can actually be found. We don’t just translate the content you provide; we also optimise the translation for local search engines, identify suitable keywords and take account of local cultures. And we do all of this in whatever format works best for you, be that Word or Excel files or directly in your CMS via an API interface.

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Translation quality assurance

We use innovative translation technology to guarantee the quality of your translations over the long term. Tools such as CAT (computer-assisted translation) software, QA (quality assurance) checkers and translation memories improve the efficiency and consistency of your translations, meaning that even larger volumes of text can be handled with ease.

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Technological advances are bringing about rapid change in the translation industry. Our experts are on top of all these developments and use them to our clients’ benefit. SwissGlobal combines the latest technology with many years of experience, in the finest Swiss tradition.

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SwissGlobal provides more than just a translation service. We build long-term partnerships, meaning you get tailored translation solutions that enable you to successfully build your business in other linguistic regions.

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Our processes and services are ISO-certified. More important still are our employees, who all have many years of experience in the translation industry. We also work with an extensive network of highly qualified language experts.

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