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Accurate and informative texts for translations in the energy industry

Translations energy sector

We have acquired great expertise producing translations for the energy sector. The specialised terms in our translations are always used correctly, both in terms of content and style. In addition, SwissGlobal’s proven translators take into account the technical specifications of each industry, enabling us to provide the energy sector with innovative and sustainable texts.

Switzerland’s energy policy is currently undergoing a transformation. This restructuring is focused on energy efficiency and renewable energies, among other things. Writing texts for the energy sector therefore requires a sound knowledge of the corresponding legal basis.

With our concise formulations and well-worded texts, all of the interested parties are brought up to date immediately with your content. At SwissGlobal, your translations are in the capable hands of qualified experts with in-depth technical knowledge.

We also know how to treat sensitive data, working with the highest possible degree of ISO-certified security and only assigning trusted language specialists to write this type of content.

Sustainable translations

Sustainable development is an important issue for today’s society. Energy supplies need to be secure, diverse and feasible. The aim is to harmonise both the economic and environmental aspects of energy supplies and usage. Since we are well aware of this high expectation, we handle your content with great expertise.

The quality of our texts meets the demanding standards of our customers in every respect. Our specialists provide professional support and write your reports with impeccable style and skill. By prioritising top-quality translations, you demonstrate your modern approach to energy issues.

Expert translations for environmental texts

An interactive relationship exists between living organisms and the environment. Pure water and clean air enable a healthy amount of biodiversity to thrive. Both the preservation and fostering of biodiversity is a crucial social issue.

Responsible interactions with the environment and strict environmental protection are important topics for companies. Just as you have to take into account the relevant legal framework in your day-to-day business, translations of environmental reports in particular require sound ecological and legal knowledge. 

At SwissGlobal you will find experienced language services providers who are outstanding at producing specialised translations. Our experts draft your environmental reports in a professional and competent manner.

Impressive expertise when it comes to safety-relevant content

The energy and commodity sector also includes mining and conveyor systems. Companies in this sector usually need a licence, and they commit to strict compliance with all safety requirements. Our texts accurately convey all of the regulations.

We have extensive experience with specialised legal translations. Rely on our professional specialised translators for your translations – especially when it comes to safety-relevant content.

Energy and commodity trading has a global presence. Although English is the most widely used corporate language, we know the importance of writing technical documents and essential instructions in the native languages of your staff, as this complies with safety aspects and ensures thorough comprehension.

Spot-on translations for workflows

Specifications provide clear information about the requirements that a project has to meet. Such content much be fully understood in order to provide consistent translations. This prevents possible misunderstandings and saves you time in the end. Additionally, once your employees understand what requirements they have to fulfil, they are much more likely to assume responsibility.

When employees know exactly what is going on, they implement all of the relevant processes better, faster and more productively. This ensures smooth workflows and increases your company’s productivity. And with our services, we guarantee that everyone in your company will be reading from the same page.

SwissGlobal’s employees are well versed in the requirements of the commodity and energy sector. That is why they are able to accurately translate all of your technical texts into the languages of your desired target groups. At SwissGlobal, you can receive all of the relevant documentation from a single source. Take advantage of our professional services and outstanding multilingual content to position your company in the global energy market.

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