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Best case “Lindt Home of Chocolate”: Quality and Sustainability as a common objective

Chocolate fountain inside a building. SwissGlobal is the proud language partner of the Lindt Home of Chocolate.

Switzerland is known worldwide for its chocolate. To ensure that this remains the case, the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation was established in 2013 to safeguard Switzerland as a chocolate location in the long term.

The Foundation’s aim is the non-profit promotion of science and research, education, culture, and information to the public about chocolate.

The flagship project run by the Foundation, launched in 2020, is the Lindt Home of Chocolate, in Kilchberg, Zurich. Here, science and knowledge about chocolate manufacturing are fostered in order to let visitors from all over the world see why Swiss chocolate is so well-renowned.

We are proud to be the language partner of such a thriving foundation – and we can also produce some pretty good translations, as well as being able to eat a lot of chocolate.

Mr Huggenberger, SwissGlobal has stood side-by-side with you as a language partner since the launch of the Lindt Home of Chocolate’s web presence. What are your feelings when you look back on our collaboration up to now?

We were always very satisfied and we appreciate SwissGlobal’s professional working methods. Our translations were always delivered on time and the quality was always excellent. I have a good, confident feeling when I think about our partnership.  

The Lindt Home of Chocolate enthralled over half a million visitors in 2022, many of whom came from abroad, including the USA, Brazil and India. How important in your view is the issue of multilingualism and the Foundation having a harmonious and professional presence, in terms of appealing to an international public?

Multilingual communication is very important to us. We have all our written materials translated into English and French. Our audio guides on site are also available in multiple languages. Ever since tourism has resumed, we have been delighted to see so many visitors from abroad.

Strengthening the quality and good reputation of Swiss chocolate sustainably is key for the Lindt Home of Chocolate. Quality and sustainability are very important to SwissGlobal as well. How much does it matter that these attributes should be highly prized by your language partner?

These attributes are extremely important to us. Our language partner should meet the same demanding standards that we impose on ourselves, and should understand our company’s language. That means always communicating professionally and with a high level of quality. This is exactly the partner we have found in SwissGlobal.

Do you have any tips that you think other Swiss brands should take to heart when it comes to language services?

I would warmly encourage everyone to invest in high-quality language services and to find a good-quality, reliable partner.

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