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Best Case “SVGW”: same values, same goals!

The Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association (SVGW) ensures that we have a secure and sustainable supply of water, gas and heat in Switzerland. The production and use of renewable energy, as well as secure access to safe drinking water, are just some of the association’s main focus areas. 

Security and sustainability are also long-standing top priorities for SwissGlobal. SwissGlobal has been providing the SVGW with customised language services for more than three years. Our formula for successful partnerships such as this one? same values, same goals! During our interview with Ms Ahrens-Riehling, she reflected on the successes and challenges in her industry and revealed the key factors to keep in mind when looking for the right language services provider.

1. Ms Ahrens-Riehling, you are responsible for the French-speaking region of Switzerland at the SVGW, and you coordinate and deal with different types of texts and communication channels on a daily basis. To what extent does SwissGlobal support or lighten the load for you in your day-to-day work?

SwissGlobal has a professional and straightforward approach. This helps lessen my daily workload, because I can trust them completely that the orders will be delivered on time. A short e-mail is all it takes to initiate a translation job. Such efficiency is very valuable. And if any unforeseen delays should occur (which can happen), I am always informed in good time and can adjust my schedule accordingly.

2. From the SVGW’s perspective, what are the most important criteria that a language services provider must fulfil?

  • Reliability
  • Proactiveness
  • The correct use of industry-specific or corporate terminology
  • Checking with us if something is unclear in the source text

3. Of course, the SVGW is different from other companies and industries in terms of its expertise. In this regard, what added value do you receive by working in partnership with SwissGlobal?

Technical texts are translated by qualified specialised translators. SwissGlobal can draw on a vast network of certified language experts, but we appreciate the fact that the same “core” translators are always used for our orders. They are familiar with our type of texts and ensure that our own corporate terminology is used. 

4. Are there areas where you see potential for further optimisation?

The SVGW is currently working on standardising the terminology used in regulations. Our terminology has developed rather inconsistently over the years, which has led to clarifications being required repeatedly and wasted time as a result. My advice to other companies would be to continually update their corporate terminology and internal documentation so that a language services provider can also use the terminology appropriately and assist with managing and maintaining databases. 

5. What do you feel works particularly well about the partnership between the SVGW and SwissGlobal?

We can rely 100% on SwissGlobal. Our orders are always delivered on time and the quality of the translations is excellent. All of our interactions with the project managers at SwissGlobal are pleasant and uncomplicated. The SwissGlobal team even proactively points out inconsistencies or errors in the source texts should a mistake ever occur on our end.

6. What would your advice be to someone who is still looking for the right language services provider? Which factors should be prioritised? 

Professional, native-speaker translators who have the necessary expertise in the industry in question are indispensable. Country- or region-specific characteristics must also be taken into account. This is particularly important here in Switzerland.

Are you still looking for your ideal language partner? SwissGlobal combines Swiss quality with global reach. We ensure the success of your communication in all languages and cultural areas. Our experienced team works with a network of over 400 professional language experts from all over the world. Get in touch with our team.