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Differences between language service providers and translation agencies in Switzerland

translation agency switzerland

If you often navigate the translation environment, you’ve probably heard of both. But while language service providers and translation agencies appear to have a lot in common, there are important differences. In this blog post, we explain what a translation agency in Switzerland does and what sets SwissGlobal apart from other language service providers.

What does a Swiss translation agency do?

As the name suggests, it focuses on translating! A translation agency in Switzerland accepts translation orders and passes them on to the in-house translation team or externals. The end-product is reviewed internally and then sent back to the client. Usually, translation agencies also offer related services such as proofreading.

To earn the coveted “Switzerland” label, Swiss translation agencies must meet various criteria, such as various quality and security certifications. Every translation agency also markets its various plus points. For example, that it has highly qualified staff with many years of experience, uses only native speakers, and/or applies the six-eyes principle.

What does a language service provider do?

It’s a straightforward answer but can encompass many different things. In contrast to a translation agency, a language service provider takes care of everything mentioned above and much more besides.

Why should I choose language service provider SwissGlobal?

Quality, reliability and innovation – the three fundamental values which we actively practise.

SwissGlobal offers a variety of language services in addition to traditional translations. We’re committed to the ongoing training of our specialists and guarantee high quality processes and services with our ISO certifications. We put the customer at the centre, and strive for a long-term working relationship based on trust, as we believe it’s the only way to get the best results.

In summary

SwissGlobal offers a wide range of language services, guarantees high-quality results and stands for Swiss quality.

SwissGlobal is more than just a translation company.

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