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Machine translation

Machine translation refers to the automatic translation of a text using machine translation software and no human interaction. This method is used by translators in conjunction with a post-editing step as it saves money and time and strikes a balance between efficiency and quality.

A thorough revision by a human translator, known as post-editing, is necessary to ensure that a machine translation can be used with confidence. This step is carried out after the machine translation has been completed and guarantees higher-quality translations.

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. Certain text types are better suited to it than others. As a rule, excellent results can be delivered for texts with non-technical vocabulary and simple sentence structures.

Things become tricky if you are dealing with content that is ambiguous, needs to be interpreted logically, or depends to a great extent on the context. This is where the machine translation approach reveals its limitations and often generates nonsensical translations.

NMT utilises a neuronal network that functions in a manner similar to the human brain and is capable of independent learning. In order for this system to generate reliable translations, it needs to be fed an immense amount of data from which it can “learn”.