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Swiss translation company

Translation companies in Switzerland usually provide translations and nothing else. In our case, however, we provide so much more. As a language services provider, everything we do is based on expertise that combines top quality, reliability and innovation. The customer is our primary focus, of course, and is given solutions for both basic and highly complex projects relating to language services.

Unlike most translation companies in Switzerland, SwissGlobal offers specialised translations, editing and proofreading, transcreation, secure machine translations, post-editing and standard translations. We are also ready to assist you in the areas of transcription, translation memories, terminology management, copywriting and desktop publishing. These translation services are carried out exclusively by experienced translators working in their mother tongue.

A translation agency assigns all of the job orders it receives to external translators, whereas a translation company has both internal and external specialists at its disposal.

The most commonly requested language combinations for a translation company in Switzerland are Western European languages, such as German, French, Italian, Spanish and English. SwissGlobal also translates from and into various niche languages, e.g. African languages like Kiswahili and Asian languages such as Vietnamese.

Rates often range between CHF 2.20 and CHF 4.50 per line. The price of a translation depends on various factors such as the text’s length, language combination, format, and optional additional services such as express delivery, proofreading or revision. The following blog post in German provides more information about pricing: “How much does a translation cost?”

All of the translators at SwissGlobal are experts in their respective fields, which ensures that they are familiar with industry-specific terminology. Furthermore, we work exclusively with mother-tongue translators to guarantee premium-quality texts.