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Language Service Provider

A language service provider is a company that covers many areas of multilingual communication. This can include the following services: professional translations, proofreading & editing, compliance translations, solutions for multilingual corporate communication, post-editing, etc.

A translation agency takes care of translations and may also offer related services such as proofreading. Language service providers, on the other hand, take care of the whole language package. The wide range of services that they offer usually extends from translation to innovative technology-driven corporate solutions. Whether it is a complex translation project, a multilingual advertising campaign abroad, or documents for corporate communication – language service providers have the needed experience and technology.

You will find more about this in the article: “Differences between language service providers and translation agencies in Switzerland”.

Every individual and every company are welcome. We aim at a long-term working relationship, because we feel confident that this strengthens mutual trust and the best results are achieved in this way.

A wide variety of services are offered – from professional translations and post-editing to technology-driven corporate solutions, almost everything is included. No matter how large or small your project: language service providers have the needed experience and technology to assist you. You can find our services here.

ISO standards are gaining in popularity within the language sector. There are currently three standards that have been specifically issued for our sector: ISO 17100:2015 for translation services, ISO 18587:2017 for post-editing and ISO 20771:2020 for legal translations. More information and what you should look out for when making your choice can be found here.

This varies depending on the company. Language service providers with highly qualified professionals are usually much in demand. It is recommended that you get in touch and describe your requirements as early on and as precisely as possible.