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Editing and proofreading


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Editing and proofreading

Editing checks the language and style of your text. Your text will be optimised for your target group with regard to its style and its message. In addition, the spelling, syntax, readability, grammar and punctuation will be corrected. Find out more here.

During proofreading, we check and correct the spelling, grammar, hyphenation, syntax, tenses and punctuation. The aim is to produce a text whose spelling and grammar are flawless. We can deliver the results of this text review process with tracked changes or as a final, clean document, as you prefer. Find out more here.

Proofreading is first and foremost about improving the punctuation, spelling and grammar, whereas editing also examines the style. You can find out more in this blog article: Editing and proofreading: what is the difference?

Editing is recommended when you have documents that need more than just regular correction – they could also use a little polish and creativity. Editing will ensure not only that your text’s spelling and grammar are perfect but also that it strikes the perfect tone for your readership.

We recommend proofreading when you need to be absolutely certain that your text, your presentation or your important documents are completely free from spelling and grammatical errors.