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Giving companies and brands a language of their own

Language development; reputation development

People never stop developing their language skills throughout their lives. It’s no different for companies and brands. Language adapts itself to age, time, circumstances, its target audience, communication goals, contexts, and the means of communication. You could say that language development is personality development. That’s why cultivating the right corporate and brand language is a strategic process when it comes to your reputation. You can leave this process up to chance. Or you can guide it skilfully with the help of a professional.

Tone and text in the digital age

Language is our primary communication medium. In the digital world, we are seeing a great deal of progress being made in areas such as automatic speech recognition (voice recognition) and neural machine translation (NMT). However, whereas the technological development of linguistic communication is racing ahead at an increasingly fast pace, Linguistic Reputation Management is generally still in its infancy.

Navigating complex media and cultural landscapes with ease

One thing is clear, though. Only those who have mastered their own language can move confidently through the wild terrain of today’s media and cultural landscapes. And what’s more, anyone who wants to achieve success on the markets has to master their own language.

If you do not manage your external and internal communication professionally in different languages for different target groups, you risk endangering your reputation. This is why professional language services providers such as SwissGlobal Language Services are more critical than ever when it comes to your multilingual communication.

Companies active in multilingual regions

The main challenge for many companies and organisations is the fact that they are international, their customers and stakeholders are multilingual, and these customers and stakeholders are located in hugely diverse cultural regions. This is precisely why language in a professional context plays a much more important role than just being a formal corporate language. Language becomes the voice of the company and its brand in multilingual areas, and brand language, brand voicing and corporate language development are neologisms that confirm this trend.

Five crucial questions

If you want to establish Linguistic Reputation Management in partnership with a professional language services provider, it is wise to ask yourself the following five questions:

  1. How can I ensure that I communicate authentically and convincingly in different markets, linguistic areas and cultures?
  2. How can language and process technology help me improve the consistency and quality of my texts and optimise process costs?
  3. How do I prevent confidential texts and data from falling into the wrong hands?
  4. How important is it to me that my language services partner has an ISO 9001-certified quality management system?
  5. Which language services companies could serve as a trusted partner for me?

Professional language services providers

Professional language services include target-group-specific copywriting using a variety of channels and different tonalities, as well as translationinterpreting and transcreation. The creation and management of corporate languages is another integral component. This involves areas such as sector- and company-specific terminology, style guides and brand voices, and requires a high level of linguistic competence and a well-developed feel for effective communication – coupled with in depth knowledge of the relevant subject area.

Language and process technology

There are outstanding technological tools available today to assist you in tackling reputation-relevant challenges in language management. These help to ensure linguistic consistency throughout all of your corporate communication. In addition, automated interfaces between client and provider systems result in considerably improved efficiency and greater cost reductions. Another issue that plays a key role in a company’s reputation is the handling of confidential data. A trustworthy language services provider works with the highest standards for data protection and security. It ensures that sensitive documents do not fall into the wrong hands.

Maintaining a good reputation

By continuously improving and updating its language – both for domestic and foreign markets – a company can enhance and solidify its reputation. After all, “reputation” stems from the Latin word “reputare”, which means “to consider, think over”. Since your customers will consider your company based on your language, maintaining a good reputation relies in no small part on maintaining a reputation-oriented corporate and brand language.

SwissGlobal Language Services AG

SwissGlobal is one of the leading language services providers in Switzerland. We would love to talk solutions with you. Our top priority is giving your company and your brands a language that will strengthen your reputation and communicate your good name all over the world.