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How much is your reputation worth? 5 reasons to invest in Linguistic Reputation Management

A review of the Corporate Reputation Summit 2020

Nowadays, thanks to digitalisation, we can do almost everything from almost anywhere. Hand in hand with this goes the demand to be professional and transparent at all times. Performance is measured and evaluated continuously and in real time. Trends and headlines spread like wildfire. There is no time to make up for any reputational damage – and in many cases, the damage is simply irreparable.

Good reputation can no longer be left to chance

The second Corporate Reputation Summit on 10 September 2020 at The Dolder Grand in Zurich was a great success. The way companies and organisations approach the topic of reputation in a preventive, comprehensive and sustainable manner was the subject of various presentations, breakout sessions and panel discussions.

As a proud partner of CRO.SWISS, SwissGlobal Language Services AG was also actively involved in the Summit. In the breakout session “Giving Brands and Companies a Language”, CEO Matthias Trümpy and COO Mark Cheetham presented how professional communication in a multilingual and multicultural environment can strengthen a company’s reputation.

Under the new term “Linguistic Reputation Management”, the two understand the conscious management of reputation among all relevant stakeholders with a focus on their specific markets, language and cultural areas.

5 reasons why your company should invest in Linguistic Reputation Management

  1. You make a significant contribution to strengthening your communication and ultimately your reputation.
  2. You will be understood by the relevant stakeholders in different languages and cultures.
  3. The quality and consistency of your content is guaranteed.
  4. Confidential contents remain confidential.
  5. You reduce process costs and increase cost transparency in the creation, review and checking of content of all kinds.

Every company communicates, whether it wants to or not!

Did you get a taste for it and would you like to communicate in a targeted, consistent and sustainable way? Then don’t hesitate and get a professional language partner on board.

You can find more information about Linguistic Reputation Management here.

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