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What is machine translation?

machine translation

What is machine translation?

This refers to the automatic translation of a text using machine translation software. This method is avoided by some translators and embraced enthusiastically by others. At first glance, taking advantage of this procedure may sound extremely sensible, given that it can save translators and clients a lot of time and money, but these benefits need to be evaluated carefully – first and foremost when it comes to the quality of the translation. Anyone who has ever worked with Google Translator already knows what we’re talking about. These programmes often churn out word-for-word translations, which is catastrophic for complex content. Although there are now solid translation software options available, they do not come close to the stylistic and creative capabilities of the human brain. Machine translations are a compromise between efficiency and quality.

What is the best way to employ machine translations?

A thorough revision by translators, known as post-editing, is necessary to ensure that a machine translation can be used with confidence. This step is carried out after the machine translation has been completed and guarantees higher quality translations.

How does SwissGlobal protect my data during this process?

We do not use publicly available programmes; instead, we only work with certified providers of neural machine translation (NMT). Your texts are handled in encrypted form, thus protecting them from unauthorised access. In addition, we delete the source texts and translations immediately after your order has been delivered.