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Make your e-commerce website reach further – with translation

Übersetzungen für Online-Shopping

In an increasingly online world, e-commerce has undeniably become an essential tool in the arsenal of any modern retailer. The convenience and speed of buying online have made it the new normal. Having your website translated into your customers’ language can broaden your market and take your sales to the next level.

The future face of retail

E-commerce has long been the solution for people with busy lives, as well as for those who live in areas where the choice available in local stores is limited. The US Census Bureau’s Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS) recorded its first figures for e-commerce in 1998, when online sales were $5 billion. This figure has grown dramatically over the years, but never so dramatically as during the COVID-19 pandemic: online sales rose by $244.2 billion in 2020, a staggering 43% increase. The global e-commerce market is currently worth over $800 billion and has been joined by the m-commerce market (e-commerce on mobile devices).

Taking your business further

E-commerce offers many benefits over conventional in-store retail. First and foremost, it is considerably more cost-effective for the retailer: fewer staff are required, since payments, inventory management and other processes are automated, and there is no need to rent out expensive premises in a busy commercial location. Instead of customers having to drive to a physical store and spend time searching the shelves for the product they want, they can now find it in a couple of clicks of the mouse. Opening hours are also a thing of the past. As long as a website is online, it can process orders at any time of the day or night. Another huge benefit of online selling is that there are no longer any boundaries to your market. You can advertise and sell your products to customers anywhere in the world – especially if your website is translated into their language.

Speaking your customers’ language

Having an e-commerce website in several languages does much more than make it easier for customers to browse the website and find the products they want. It ensures that far more customers will find your site in the first place, because it will show up in search engine results in their own language as well as in the original language. It is estimated that between 50% and 75% of people will only order from a website that is available in their own language. SwissGlobal can handle every aspect of website translation, from SEO (search engine optimisation) to advertising keywords to localisation.

Making your customers feel at home

Localising your content is a vital part of having a multilingual e-commerce website. If you are running a promotional campaign for Mother’s Day, for example, you will need to launch it at the right time in every market, because Mother’s Day is celebrated on a series of different dates from one country to another. You might also want to use the name of the languages in the drop-down menu instead of flags, because a Portugal flag for Portuguese is going to make someone from Brazil feel left out. Every step you take to make a customer feel more at home on your website is a step that will make them more likely to buy.

A local store in the global village

If your ambitions for your business include expanding internationally, a properly translated e-commerce website is an essential link in the chain. SwissGlobal can make sure your website will be translated so as to give a professional and reliable image of your business. To find out more and request a no-obligation quote, get in touch with us and we will take you through the whole process.