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Medical translations – specialised translations with no margin for error

Medical translations

In certain sectors, the absolutely accurate translation of content and the correct use of terminology take on even greater importance. Medical translations are one of these sectors, because an inaccurate translation of medical content can have fatal consequences and seriously harm people’s health. Read this article to find out what distinguishes an excellent medical translation and what role professional language services providers play in producing a specialised translation.

What are medical translations?

Specialised medical translations include all types of texts from the fields of medicine, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Specialised translators possess the necessary skills and knowledge to handle texts from all the different areas of medicine. For example, in addition to translating scientific publications and studies, a language expert with medical expertise may also translate medical diagnoses, medication package inserts and regulatory documents.

Specific criteria for medical translations

Medical translations require highly specialised knowledge because the pharma and healthcare industries are extremely complex. The focus of medical texts is always on humans and/or human life, and that is precisely why medical translations are a true challenge. Any inaccuracies in a translation could lead to incorrect treatment or even a misdiagnosis, which, in a worst-case scenario, could seriously harm a person. This is why there is no margin for error in medical translations.

Another fact that makes medical translations so challenging is that medical knowledge is constantly evolving and being updated. Language services providers must keep abreast of the latest developments at all times and continue to upgrade their knowledge.

Language services providers and medical translations

The best route to a professional, reliable and accurate medical translation is almost always via a certified language services provider. A certified translation company has experienced language experts in this field and can assign projects accordingly. With years of experience behind them, these language experts have not only acquired extensive linguistic expertise but also the corresponding specialised knowledge. The field of medicine has specific terminology, which sometimes differs even between medical sectors. A medical translator is familiar with this terminology and incorporates it adeptly into translations. 

A competent language services provider also works with what are known as CAT tools, which support linguists and translators in their work. It is important to keep in mind that these tools only help the experts but never translate themselves. Fully automated machine-generated specialised translations in the field of medicine should be avoided. It is not uncommon for machine translators to be unfamiliar with technical terms or even to use them incorrectly. This proves once again that far from being a dying industry, the translation profession continues to be irreplaceable.

In summary

There is zero tolerance for errors in medical translations because human beings are always the main focus of the source texts. It is essential to have such specialised texts translated by language experts who possess linguistic expertise and the relevant medical knowledge. Our linguists and translators have mastered the terminology of this particular field and also work with modern software solutions such as CAT tools. You should avoid relying on machine translations in the field of medicine, as the machine translators are unable to implement specialised terminology adequately or correctly. Do you need a specialised translation in the field of medicine? Our 7 steps will give you an initial overview and introduction to the topic.

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