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Multilingual video subtitling: boost your business’s accessibility

In the business world, effective communication is the key to success. However, ensuring that communication is accessible to all stakeholders, regardless of their physical or language capabilities, is often overlooked. Enter multilingual video subtitling ─ a form of transcription that plays a pivotal role in bridging communication gaps and ensuring accessibility across various corporate sectors.

In this blog, we’ll explore how subtitling transforms communication in the corporate world and why using a language service provider (LSP) that offers translation services and subtitling is a smart business move.

What is multilingual video subtitling?

Unlike traditional transcription, subtitling goes beyond converting spoken dialogue into written text by meticulously synchronising those textual representations with specific moments in the corresponding video content. Multilingual video subtitling goes a step further by translating the transcribed content and adding multilingual subtitle options to video content, ensuring the content is accessible to anyone across the globe.

Multilingual subtitling can facilitate effective communication across linguistic and auditory barriers in corporate settings. Whether it’s corporate training videos, educational webinars, or marketing materials, subtitling ensures that vital information is accessible to all stakeholders, regardless of language proficiency or hearing abilities.

The benefits of multilingual video subtitling

  1. Enhanced accessibility: Multilingual subtitling ensures that video content is accessible to individuals with hearing impairments or language barriers, promoting inclusivity in corporate communications.
  2. Improved comprehension: Subtitles provide a written representation of spoken dialogue, aiding comprehension for viewers who may struggle to understand audio content, thereby facilitating more precise communication within the corporate environment.
  3. Global reach: By incorporating multilingual subtitles in video content, your business can effectively reach international audiences, overcoming language barriers and expanding your reach in the global marketplace.
  4. Compliance with regulations: Multilingual subtitling helps your business comply with accessibility regulations and standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), ensuring that corporate communications are accessible to all stakeholders.
  5. Professionalism and brand image: Subtitled videos convey professionalism and attention to detail, enhancing your organisation’s brand image and building positive perceptions among clients, partners, and employees.
  6. Increased engagement: Multilingual subtitled videos tend to attract higher viewer engagement, as they cater to diverse learning preferences and enable individuals to consume content in their preferred format, leading to better information retention.
  7. Versatility in communication: Multilingual subtitles make it possible to convey complex concepts and information-rich content concisely and efficiently digestibly, enabling your business to communicate its messages effectively across various platforms and audiences.

Multilingual video subtitling in action

Financial sector

In the financial sector, timely and accurate communication is crucial for client satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

For example, a leading financial firm hosting webinars on investment strategies for its clients or conducting interviews about global financial trends. By incorporating multilingual subtitles into the recordings, the company ensures that all clients, including those with hearing impairments, can access valuable financial insights.

This advanced approach builds trust and transparency and positions the business as a leader in accessibility and client-centricity.

E-learning sector

In the e-learning sector, where knowledge knows no boundaries, multilingual video subtitling is a vital tool for enhancing accessibility and expanding educational opportunities worldwide.

Think of an e-learning platform offering courses in multiple languages. By providing multilingual subtitles in course videos, the platform ensures that learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds can access educational content in their native language.

This approach promotes language proficiency and cultural understanding, as well as a sense of belonging and engagement among learners.

Medical sector

In the healthcare industry, clear and concise communication can mean the difference between life and death.

For instance, a medical facility is sharing educational videos on preventive care and treatment options for patients. By adding multilingual subtitles to these videos, the facility ensures that patients of diverse backgrounds and abilities can access vital healthcare information.

This proactive approach empowers patients to make informed decisions, reducing healthcare access and outcomes disparities.

Academic sector

In education, accommodating diverse learning needs is essential for student success.

Consider a university offering online courses to a global student body. By providing multilingual subtitled lectures and instructional videos, the university ensures that students with hearing impairments and those for whom English is a second language can fully engage with course materials.

This inclusive approach enhances student learning outcomes and promotes diversity and equity in higher education.

The future of corporate accessibility

As businesses embrace digital transformation, the demand for accessible communication solutions will continue to rise. Advancements in AI and machine learning will drive innovations in video subtitling technology, making it easier and more cost-effective for organisations to create accessible content.

Furthermore, as regulatory requirements around accessibility become more stringent, businesses that prioritise inclusive communication will gain a competitive edge and strengthen their brand reputation.

Why choose an all-inclusive LSP?

Having your video content transcribed, subtitled, and translated by one LSP will save you time and money while ensuring your content remains consistent across all languages.

At SwissGlobal, we specialise in professional language services ─ from transcribing interviews and focus groups to subtitling video content and translating it into global languages. No matter your business sector or where your clients are based, we’ll ensure your content is understood.

Contact SwissGlobal today for all your multilingual subtitling needs or any other language matter.