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Regionally adapted translations for the public sector

Translations public sector

Our customer-oriented texts in the field of public sector translation are convincing and effective because we are thoroughly familiar with regional nuances and requirements. With our translations, you will always speak the language of your target group.

Do you offer services for all of the different linguistic regions in Switzerland? Or is your company active on an international level? Multilingualism in every facet of daily life is one of Switzerland’s most impressive hallmarks. Thanks to our translations, you help to foster mutual understanding.

You can rely on SwissGlobal’s professional language services for whatever type of text you need. With us as your partner, you will always have just the right words to address your target audience.

How to overcome language barriers during day-to-day business

Is multilingualism part of your daily business operations? The linguistic diversity you require is guaranteed with our texts. Our services also contribute to a more vibrant and diverse culture.

SwissGlobal supports you with customised services. We are happy to translate all of your multilingual texts so that your entire content is coming from a single source.
It goes without saying that we handle all of your documentation relating to public authorities with the utmost confidentiality. We are ISO 27001 certified for information security management, which provides the necessary framework to ensure discretion at all times.

Helping each of your employees to implement your instructions correctly no matter the location

When you rely on SwissGlobal’s translations, you ensure that all of your users clearly understand all of your content.

With our translations, you enable your readers to inform themselves quickly. When employees can use their own familiar language to do this, it makes them feel valued and included in the running of the day-to-day business. It is the ideal way to increase the productivity and efficiency of your company’s operations.

To accomplish this, you need correctly translated regulations, statutes and bylaws. SwissGlobal’s experts always achieve the right style and tone for your texts while offering certified quality.

With the help of our translations, we ensure that your employees at all your locations understand and can follow the rules and regulations at all times so that everyone in the company is adhering to the same guidelines.

Win over multilingual target groups with accurate, well-written reports

Writing reliable statements about the financial situation of a company requires precise expertise. Publishing them in the native language of your employees and customers enables them to understand the reports more quickly,  creating trust in your services and strengthening customer loyalty.

Drafting these reports also requires specific legal knowledge. Our specialised translators know the ins and outs of their trade. Relying on our language services means that your texts are consistent and professional. Partnering with certified language specialists for the translation of such texts always pays off.

Securing the loyalty of your target group

Every person is unique – as is every company and every region. More and more customers are speaking different languages, and linguistic diversity continues to grow in Switzerland.

Any communication aimed at customers will need to take this cultural diversity into account – including when it comes to translations. You earn the loyalty of your employees and customers when you engage with them in a trustworthy manner.

Thanks to SwissGlobal, you have accurate, multilingual administrative documents at your disposal, and you reflect the culture of multilingualism that is traditionally Swiss and institutionally anchored. You are also making a valuable contribution to barrier-free communication within Switzerland and abroad.

We help you avoid linguistic misunderstandings based on cultural differences. Entrust your translations to the experts at SwissGlobal so you can communicate with your target audience clearly and in just the right tone.

We are familiar with the characteristics and requirements of your industry and use our linguistic expertise to achieve a confident and professional style that is appropriate to your specific text type. With our help, you can build bridges between different cultures. Contact us to learn more about our services. We would be more than happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.