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Staying Connected – Translation for the Energy Industry

Global energy consumption is growing steadily – particularly in the area of renewable energy. As a result, there is demand for translations in the energy sector. This blog gives you some insights into specialised translation for the energy industry.

The way to a sustainable future

At the moment, the energy industry is being shaped by two key aspects: sustainability and security of supply.

At the end of 2023, the COP28 summit cemented the global commitment to a long-term transition away from fossil fuels. According to the World Economic Forum, in early 2024, solar and wind power are set to overtake coal as the world’s top energy source and by 2026, up to half of our global energy production could be from low-emission sources.

But we’re not quite there yet. Experts are predicting that global energy consumption will grow by 1.8% in 2024 and, unfortunately, this will see the demand for fossil fuels rise. This rapidly expanding market faces increased demand, particularly from Asia, and is seeing continually rising prices across the board. This is alongside threats to the security of gas and oil supplies due to the ongoing conflicts in areas of commodity production.

Sustainability is a watchword at a more local level, too, with Switzerland currently in the midst of an energy transformation. As well as the ongoing phaseout of nuclear power, the country will see increased regulation in 2024 to implement the ‘consolidation bill’. The restructuring process will include a whole host of approval procedures for new renewable energy projects, as well as preparing future climate legislation.

Why is translation important for the energy sector?

For the industry to grow and innovate, clear communication and exchange is needed between the various international stakeholders. English is often used as a common language to enable operations and negotiations to run smoothly. Accurate, concise translations ensure the flow of information between all partners involved, from innovators and plant workers to policymakers and investors. A reliable translation service means that businesses in the energy sector can avoid errors, which can lead to financial losses, legal implications and safety risks.

What needs to be translated?

From reports for international investors to safety regulations in the language that on-site workers understand best, the translations required in the energy sector are wide-ranging. Here is a selection of documents that often need translating:

  • Financial and CSR reports
  • Employee handbooks
  • Safety regulations
  • Environmental assessments
  • Permit applications
  • Technical specifications
  • Contracts
  • Marketing materials

Each translation needs to be completed with accuracy and attention to detail, as well as an in-depth understanding of technical terminology, sector-specific knowledge and an awareness of current regulations and legislation.

That’s why when it comes to having these documents translated, it’s safest to choose a specialised translation provider.

Choosing a specialised translation partner

Sustainability isn’t just about wind farms and solar panels. It’s about making a choice that will bring long-lasting benefits to your business. Choosing the cheapest translation solution might save you a few euros in the short-term, but is it worth it when you look at the bigger picture?

A translation partner with experience in translating for the energy industry not only provides a competent, reliable service, but also ensures your documents are handled with complete confidentiality. And despite what might seem like an additional cost at the outset, investing in a quality translation will probably save you money in the long run, since you won’t need to have it redone.

At SwissGlobal, we have the technical expertise and the linguistic knowledge to translate your documents for the energy sector. Taking into account the specifications of each industry, and drawing on their expert knowledge, SwissGlobal’s team of professional translators provide high-quality texts using the correct terminology.

Why should I choose an ISO-certified translation?

Three words – peace of mind.

SwissGlobal’s ISO 17100 certification means that all our translations are carried out by professional translators with proven expertise in their specialist field, who translate only into their mother tongue. It also ensures that all translations are checked by a second specialist translator (known as the ‘four-eyes principle’). This means you can rest assured that your document is in safe hands. By choosing ISO-certified translations, you commit to giving your clients and readers the best.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We are also ISO-certified for our data handling, meaning your data is always treated confidentially and processed in encrypted form on servers here in Switzerland. SwissGlobal guarantees that your sensitive documents remain protected at all times, for your complete peace of mind.

SwissGlobal – your partner for translations in the energy industry

Whichever documents you need translating, choosing a specialised translation provider for the energy sector is a safe choice. SwissGlobal’s expert translators handle technical details, legal content and sensitive information with care, ensuring you receive an accurate, reliable document that will give you long-lasting value.

Get in touch today to speak to us about how we can help.