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Stop transcribing interviews – let SwissGlobal do it instead

We consume a huge variety of media content on a daily basis — News, podcasts, social media posts and videos. A lot of this content needs the spoken text to be transcribed into writing. Transcribing interviews is tiresome and time-consuming, however, especially as interviews are getting longer and longer. This is where a language service provider like SwissGlobal can provide a valuable service by taking this work off your hands and delivering a linguistically flawless transcript. Exactly what you need. 

SwissGlobal has been a reliable partner in the transcription industry since 2016, and has worked with numerous clients in Switzerland and abroad, delivering outstanding results. Our team of experienced transcribers is fully geared up to transcribe spoken material into impeccable written text. We can handle a wide range of file formats, audio and video recordings, interviews, speeches and presentations. This means that you can safely outsource all your transcription requirements to us without a hitch.

Stop wasting time transcribing interviews

One of the main benefits of using transcription services is the time you save. Universities and research facilities frequently have plenty of audio or video recordings that need to be transcribed. Typing out interviews can take a long time that could otherwise have been devoted to other important tasks. When you outsource the transcription work to SwissGlobal, your staff can focus on their daily duties in the knowledge that they will receive a clean transcription.

Transcribing interviews for multiple industries

Transcriptions of interviews, focus groups or other discussions can serve various purposes in a wide range of sectors. To give a few examples:

  • Academics can use transcribed texts to get proper access to data for the first time. They can analyse and understand it better and then make it available for focus groups or publish it
  • Journalists can get quotes and other written details for their articles
  • In legal matters, lawyers and courts can gather, order and present evidence in their cases
  • Market researchers can collect customer feedback and the companies commissioned can use the standardised data acquired to improve their products. 
  • Doctors can document and categorise patient histories and understand symptoms.

There are many other industries that need transcription, in order to have data available in written form. This could be because it is needed at a specific time, required for future purposes or even so that it can be archived for the long term. SwissGlobal can help you in your industry. There is no need to type out interviews yourself. We will happily take on this work for you. 

Transcription using artificial intelligence

Depending on the language, it may also be possible to use speech recognition software for transcription.

This tool, often referred to as speech-to-text software, converts spoken language into machine-readable text.

All you have to do is load the video or audio file into the software, and it will create a transcription of the dialogue in an astonishingly short time. In many cases, the computer will even recognise when the speaker changes. It will automatically mark these passages with the requisite time stamps accordingly.

The quality and accuracy of the speech recognition depend on multiple factors, such as the sound quality of the file or the speed at which the person is speaking (is there any background noise and is the speaker close enough to the microphone and comprehensibly?). Speech recognition systems often use complex neural network architectures and are constantly being trained and improved in order to achieve greater accuracy.

It should also be noted in this regard that, for Swiss German dialects in particular, these tools are unfortunately not so well-trained or advanced yet. Here, we often still have to transcribe the file manually, in order to maintain our accustomed high level of quality. 

In any event, all machine-generated transcripts are checked by an expert, refined and compared against the audio file.

Precise and reliable transcriptions from SwissGlobal

With a transcription from SwissGlobal, you can be sure not only that you will receive a transcription of high linguistic quality but also that your data will be treated confidentially at all times.

After all, the content of interviews is frequently confidential and will not be made publicly available until a later point in time. Until that point, your data is in safe hands with us.

We will deliver your transcription on time and in the format of your choice. The one thing to bear in mind is that every transcription is ultimately a 1:1 reproduction of the original audio file. In other words, the better the interview, the better the final transcription.

You can learn more on how to get the best-quality transcription in our small guide featuring 5 tips to get the best transcription.

In summary

SwissGlobal’s transcription services are a valuable, time-saving solution for training institutions, research centres and many other sectors. You no longer need to type out your interviews yourself. A professional transcription can save you a lot of time and money and provide a clean base that you can then use for other purposes in your written, audio and video projects. 

Work with SwissGlobal for your next transcription! For enquiries about transcription projects, you can contact us here.