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Swiss language service providers – sustainable through ISO

Ascona, Lake Maggiore, Ticino, Switzerland

Anyone looking to lead by example today cannot afford to ignore the issue of sustainability. This is equally true for Swiss language service providers.

The language industry is a competitive one, and anyone looking to establish themselves in the market over the long term will have to develop transparent, sustainable processes and values.

One way of achieving this objective is through ISO certification.

Sustainability through ISO certification

The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO for short, defines quality standards that apply internationally. ISO certifications can give companies several advantages over firms that are not ISO-certified. Quality assurance measures such as these are particularly valuable in the language industry. They lay the foundations for long-lasting quality that customers can rely on. This inspires trust and encourages people to nurture sustainable partnerships with one carefully selected language service provider.

Made in Switzerland – The highest level of quality

Switzerland is the ‘country of quality’ par excellence. Whether for Swiss watches, Victorinox penknives or cheese and chocolate, anyone buying Swiss products or services will expect the absolute finest quality. It is not for nothing that the ‘Made in Switzerland’ seal of quality is so prized around the world.

How did this come to be? Quality must be measurable and must always remain at the same level. After all, Appenzeller cheese cannot taste different from one batch to another! Clients always have certain expectations that need to be met.

The situation is no different for translations and other language services. This is why Swiss language service providers count on ISO standards.

The benefits for Swiss language service providers

ISO certification offers many benefits for clients and providers alike that can be the key to success for Swiss language service providers in particular. You can find out more about these benefits in the following overview:

  1. A reputation reinforced over the long term
  2. Measurably better quality
  3. Credibility and confidence
  4. Continual improvements to processes to save time and money
  5. Clear expectations for clients and providers alike
  6. Comprehensive, process-orientated risk management
  7. Transparency thanks to clearly structured documentation
  8. Greater customer loyalty and better service

The benefits speak for themselves as to why language service providers should become certified and why clients should in turn place their trust in an ISO-certified provider.

ISO certification at SwissGlobal

SwissGlobal currently has the following three ISO certifications:

ISO 9001 for quality managementsystems

ISO 17100 for translation services

ISO 18587 for the post-editing of machine translation output

SwissGlobal also works with an ISO 27001-certified Swiss IT provider. Your data is in safe hands at all times.

Are you currently with a non-ISO-certified language service provider and are looking to switch? SwissGlobal can offer you a free consultation or a direct, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific requirements.

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