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SwissGlobal awards prize for the best thesis of the BA in Applied Languages at the ZHAW

Starting in 2022, SwissGlobal Language Services AG will be awarding the prize for the top thesis in the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Languages programme at the ZHAW. Students select a topic area of their choice and then demonstrate what they have learned during their course of studies.

The prize, which is endowed with CHF 2,500, aims to recognise work of outstanding quality that is of interest to a wider audience and that clearly shows the innovative contribution that applied linguistics can make to addressing issues that are economically, socially and culturally relevant. Furthermore, the written portion must be soundly researched, well structured and written, linguistically correct, and in compliance with the formal requirements of the text type.

As an innovation driver, SwissGlobal wants to contribute to supporting and fostering up-and-coming linguistic talent. Since precisely this type of new talent with innovative ideas is always in demand in the language services industry, SwissGlobal works closely with the ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics, where students have the option to complete an internship during their third year of studies. By offering an internship in project management, SwissGlobal provides prospective translators with an inside look at the day-to-day operations of a Swiss language services provider along with practical on-the-job experience.

Who will win the prize for the best thesis this year? You can find out at the end of September from SwissGlobal itself or the ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics.

Are you interested in finding out more about the BA in Applied Languages degree programme? All of the related information is available here.