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SwissGlobal hosts digital RoundTable on Linguistic Reputation Management

On 25 April 2022, Matthias Trümpy and Melissa Diener led a digital RoundTable on Linguistic Reputation Management.

The event was held in collaboration with CRO.SWISS, the leading peer-to-peer competence platform for reputation in Switzerland.

Many businesses are not fully aware of the importance of professional language. Especially when it comes to multilingualism and the presence in different countries and cultures, professional help is an indispensable asset. With Linguistic Reputation Management, SwissGlobal wants to draw attention to the added value that professional language services bring and raise awareness of this issue among companies and brands.

Why language is crucial to your reputation

Generally speaking, reputation management concentrates on a company’s primary activities. Language only comes into focus when actions need to be explained or apologised for. However, the internet and social media have radically transformed the way in which companies communicate – making language a decisive influencing factor for a company’s reputation. As a result, something known as linguistic reputation management is required.

Missed the event? No problem

You’ve missed the live event? Don’t worry. The presentation and the recording are now available here.

You can download the presentation below. Please note that the presentation is only available in German.

Linguistic Reputation Management for your business

Would you like to invest in your reputation with tailor-made language solutions? SwissGlobal can support and accompany you with various services in the field of Linguistic Reputation Management.

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