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SwissGlobal joins SwissNLP

At SwissGlobal, we are all about using innovative language solutions and AI powered technologies to ensure the best possible results for our clients. It was an easy decision to join forces with the Swiss Association for Natural Language Processing (SwissNLP).

Bridging AI and Human Language Understanding

SwissNLP was founded in February 2020 by Mark Cieliebak, Manuela Hürlimann and Manfred Vogel and aims to push research and applications in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP). The association makes a substantial contribution to the promotion of NLP, Computational Linguistics and Text Analytics in Switzerland. Through partnerships with academic as well as business companies, SwissNLP works on developing a software solution that can automatically generate a written text in Standard German from audio in Swiss German.

In particular, the association develops activities in three main areas:

  • Research and development: To support innovative research and development projects in the field of NLP 
  • Training and communication: To support training courses, conferences and similar activities with the aim to communicate and extend knowledge about the state of the art in NLP 
  • Networking: To organize activities to enable members of the association to network with each other and/or external partners 

Donate your Swiss German dialect and support SwissNLP

If you are a native Swiss German speaker, you can now support SwissNLP by joining the Schweizer Dialektsammlung. The goal? To collect 2,000 hours of spoken Swiss German to then train models that could be applied for automatic customer support, voice assistants, subtitling and many other tasks.

More about this project here.