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Translating sustainability reports – what to look out for

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Sustainability reports are becoming more and more important for companies looking to publish their objectives and the action they are taking in terms of corporate social responsibility. But what happens when a company operates in a multilingual country like Switzerland? Reports need to be available in multiple languages. Translating sustainability reports is particularly important here, as the translation will convey not only the text of the report, but also the company’s concepts and fundamental values.

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) encompasses the social and ecological responsibility of companies. It involves companies organising their business processes in a more sustainable manner and taking responsibility for the impact of their business on society and the environment. A sustainability report documents these activities and discloses them to the public.

Why is it important to translate sustainability reports?

In a multilingual country like Switzerland in particular, translating sustainability reports is essential. A professional translation will ensure that the contents of the report will also be understandable and correct in other languages. This ensures you will reach a broader public and communicate your sustainability work more effectively.

Is a machine translation enough?

A machine translation or a 1:1 translation done by a person who is not familiar with the topic of sustainability is not enough to guarantee an accurate, professional translation of your sustainability report. This sort of translation can lead to misunderstandings or false interpretations, damaging your credibility.

The benefits of professional translators with specialised knowledge

Specialised professional translators familiar with the subject of sustainability have the necessary knowledge and experience to translate sustainability reports correctly and precisely. They can also take account of nuances of languages and cultural differences, thereby ensuring that your message comes across clearly and understandably in every language.

How can my company values be conveyed faithfully in multiple languages?

There are several important aspects to take into account to ensure that the translation of your sustainability report has the same content and conveys the same message as the original.

  • Choosing a translation service provider

It is important to choose a translation service provider with experience and specialised knowledge in sustainability reports. The company should be able to demonstrate that it uses qualified translators who have a comprehensive understanding of sustainability issues and the terminology involved.

  • Collaboration with the company

It is also important for the translation service provider to collaborate closely with the company. This is to guarantee that the sustainability report is translated correctly into the desired language. The company should provide the translator with detailed information about its sustainability strategy and goals, to enable the translator to understand the company’s concepts and values.

  • Use of industry terms and terminology

Sustainability reports often contain specialised industry terms and terminology that the translator will need to understand in order to ensure that the contents of the translation are correct. It is important for the translator to have an extensive understanding of sustainability issues and for them to know the corresponding industry terms and terminology in the target language.

  • Cultural adaptation

Translating a sustainability report frequently also involves making some cultural adaptations. This means that the translator must take account of the cultural differences between the countries in which the company operates. For example, certain values or standards may be interpreted differently from one country to another.

  • Proofreading and quality assurance

Finally, it is important that the translated sustainability report be carefully proofread and checked for quality, in order to guarantee that it has the same content and the same impact as the original. Getting a second opinion or having it proofread is helpful in terms of ensuring that the translated report is linguistically and stylistically flawless.

In summary

Overall, it is worth investing in specialised professional translations of your sustainability reports, in order to guarantee a credible and reliable account of your own sustainability work.

At SwissGlobal Language Services, we work with experienced specialist translators familiar with the translation of sustainability reports. We are ISO certified, which is a guarantee of the highest quality and data security. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the services we offer, so that we can help your company achieve even greater sustainability.