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Translation company in Basel: your partner for challenging technical texts

If you need a translation company in Basel, SwissGlobal is your best bet for all types of translations – especially in the healthcare sector. Because we place our clients at the very heart of everything we do. More than 400 language professionals are available to assist you all over the world.

SwissGlobal is the best business to go to if you’re looking for a translation company in Basel. Because our language professionals are there where they’re needed. The client and their needs are the primary focus of everything that we at SwissGlobal do.

We are more than just a translation company, because our clients receive a complete corporate solution geared to their needs:

  • Trained translators with specialist backgrounds
  • More than 400 language professionals around the world
  • Personal contacts
  • Core group of translators and proof-readers
  • ISO certified
  • State-of-the-art CAT tools and translation technologies

Translations for the pharmaceutical industry

We have a large team of translators who are specialised in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical and life sciences sectors too. In addition to their linguistic training, our language professionals have the necessary medical background to competently translate complex and highly regulated texts from this industry.

Technology and innovation are key pillars of the services we offer. Modern CAT tools, termbases, machine translation and additional quality assurance tools ensure that your translations are both consistent and accurate.

The Basel office of translation company SwissGlobal therefore meets all the strict criteria for specialised translations of approval documents, patient information leaflets, clinical studies, medical reports and similar texts.

Language combinations and specialisation

SwissGlobal translates into the languages of the most important healthcare markets, including the likes of English, French, Spanish and Chinese. But we also have extensive experience in building capacity to translate into niche languages such as Kiswahili.

The fact that the translation company’s Basel office specialises in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors is naturally because some of the largest pharmaceutical companies have their head offices in Basel. But our translation teams can do much, much more. Since they are closely networked with language professionals based elsewhere, they can also provide specialised translations for other industries.

Other language services that the Basel office offers