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Translations for the luxury goods sector: sophisticated, stylish, effective

translations luxury goods

We all associate meaningful emotions with luxury goods such as valuable watches, real estate or designer furniture. However, we all express our feelings differently. At SwissGlobal, the ability to convey such emotions accurately is precisely our strength when it comes to translations for the luxury goods sector. After all, priceless goods are supposed to dazzle and impress in your marketing texts as well.

Do you manufacture premium products for the global market? Luxury goods from Switzerland enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide thanks to their fine detail, and the Swiss luxury industry is doing extremely well by international standards. Many customers are keen to buy, use or gift expensive Swiss products.

Translations for luxury goods

Luxury goods appeal to emotions, and these need to come across loud and clear in translations to create the desired effects. Our experts have an excellent grasp of all the different languages involved. We enhance our translations with subtle cultural nuances – precisely where they belong.

Impressive words for impressive goods

Switzerland offers many advantages for those looking to purchase a property: multilingualism, extreme efficiency, memorable landscapes, and a high standard of living. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their home, but a property can also be used as an investment, and we associate emotions with a monetary value. Our texts depict these two aspects accurately and effectively.

Precise, detail-oriented translations for the watch industry

Swiss values and Swiss watches come from the same mould: precision, accuracy, reliability and durability – timeless yet innovative. Many leading, time-honoured brands such as Blancpain, Omega, Chopard, Piaget, Breitling and Rolex carry the ”Swiss made” label of quality.

Swiss watches impress with their outstanding calibre and refined technology. SwissGlobal’s expert translations are equally impressive with their high quality and absolute reliability.

Our elegant descriptions enhance your pieces of fine jewellery

Precious jewellery exudes an air of nobility, grace, exquisiteness. They adorn us and possess inestimable worth in our eyes because they awaken deep-held emotions within us. SwissGlobal’s texts display your luxury goods in the best possible light. They sparkle as linguistic gems – just like your jewellery.

Vibrantly diverse and original expressions are the perfect catwalk for your fashion messages

We like to wear fashion in so many different ways: chic, elegant, relaxed, colourful, chequered. Fashion is dynamic. Every year, luxury labels such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton wow us anew with fresh and contemporary fashion. More recent brands such as Uniqlo and Lululemon also inspire consumers with their creations. We use our language skills and fashion savvy to shine the spotlight on your modish message.

Striking shapes and meaningful, engaging styles create a sense of home

Cosy, retro, upholstered, antique or trendy? The endless diversity of interior design is a reflection of the manifold tastes and preferences of consumers. Manufacturers offer us an enormous wealth of creative ideas to make us feel at home. We convey this creativity, uniqueness and distinctiveness through our texts.

Emotive descriptions for the auto industry

Cars provide a sense of freedom and independence, making us truly mobile in every sense of the word. However, one’s own car is not only used as a means of transport – we also love it. This emotional connection, the feeling of complete manoeuvrability, and the advantages of each different model are masterfully described by our linguists.

Do you need texts for the watch industry or for the real estate market? SwissGlobal’s language specialists skilfully translate your informative facts and persuasive emotions from other language and cultural areas while hitting all the right notes stylistically. They advertise your product and also evoke images of an alluring lifestyle for consumers.

Experience for yourself the many benefits you can take advantage of by partnering with a certified translation agency.