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What to look for when choosing a translation agency in Switzerland

translation agency Switzerland

If you google “translation agency Switzerland”, you’ll get a huge number of hits. It’s overwhelming and you’re now tasked with finding the best one. To avoid being spoilt for choice, we’ll show you what you should look out for when trying to find a suitable translation agency.


A translation agency obviously offers translations. But you may also need proofreading or other language services and not every company does that. It’s best to have all your work done in one place. So check the website to see if the additional services you need are listed.

Quality and security

The translation world serves a vast range of clients. Their translation and working requirements differ depending on the document, situation and target language. You should therefore ask yourself a few questions in advance. Is the translation agency ISO-certified? How does it handle my data? How well qualified are the translators? You should get answers to these when you visit its website.

Customer reviews

Yes, you can find them and they’re are especially important. If a client is pleased with the work, they’ll probably be happy to say so. And the same goes for a client whose experience has been a poor one. So read customer reviews before choosing a translation agency.

Prices and delivery times

Normally, a translation agency in Switzerland does not give a fixed quote for the service you’re looking for, as there are a lot of factors at play. But a non-binding cost estimate is usually offered upon request. Some websites even have a price calculator. And what about delivery times? Does the website say how quickly you’ll receive a response to your request?

Choosing a translation agency does not have to be complicated, but it is worth paying close attention to certain points. We’ll explain why SwissGlobal is the perfect partner for your translation project in this blog post.