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Why combined transcription and translation services will benefit your business

In the vast landscape of global communications, a finished transcript is often the starting point for further language-related services. The combination of transcription and translation can be a powerful solution to overcome language barriers.

This article explores the advantages of choosing SwissGlobal as a Language Service Provider (LSP) for the combined package of transcription and translation.

Understanding transcription: transforming spoken words into text

Transcription is more than merely converting spoken words into text; it serves as the backbone for a myriad of applications such as editing, subtitling and documentation.

Transcripts for film and TV

In TV and film production, transcripts are indispensable for editing and dubbing. In a first step, an editor can use a transcript to decide which text passages are relevant to appear in the finished production and can mark said passages for the next step in the production: the cutting. This eliminates the need to laboriously search for the relevant text passages in the raw video material. Thanks to the time markers in a transcript, the desired text passages can be found quickly in the uncut material. This makes the work for the next step, in which the film material is cut by the editor, much easier. Overall, a transcription makes work a lot more efficient for everyone in a production team.

Subtitling: enhancing accessibility

Transcripts play a pivotal part in subtitling’s role in enhancing the accessibility of video content across language barriers. Subtitling services rely heavily on accurate transcriptions to synchronise text with audio, ensuring that the subtitled content is not just linguistically accurate but also temporally aligned.

Documentation: a reliable record of communication

In legal proceedings, business meetings or research interviews, transcripts serve as reliable documentation. They capture every nuance of spoken dialogue verbatim, providing an accurate record that can be cited as legal proof in court cases, meeting minutes or academic research.

Quality determined by audio or video files

The quality of a transcript is inherently tied to the quality of the source material. Background noise, muffled speech or technical glitches can impact the accuracy and completeness of the transcript. Therefore, ensuring high-quality audio or video files is paramount to the success of the transcription process.

SwissGlobal’s expertise: tailored transcription for diverse needs

SwissGlobal takes transcription to the next level by offering verbatim, clean verbatim or edited transcriptions, catering to various target audiences.

Whether it’s for interviews, focus groups, meetings or speeches, our professional transcribers ensure accurate and reliable written records, setting the stage for the subsequent translation process.

Subtitling: bridging language gaps in video content

Subtitling is a nuanced aspect of language services, especially when multilingual subtitles are required for diverse audiences. While technology allows seamless integration of subtitles into video files, preparing transcripts for accurate translations across linguistic landscapes is crucial. This intersection of transcription and subtitling demands a deep understanding of linguistic nuances and advanced technological tools.

At SwissGlobal, we excel in this field, since we are equipped with both a highly developed technological infrastructure and expert language specialists, ensuring flawless multilingual subtitling experiences for varied video content.

The synergy of transcription and translation: a seamless solution

The need for translation often arises when the target language differs from the source. Combining transcription and translation services streamlines the process, ensuring not only linguistic accuracy but also a cohesive end product.

Multifaceted scenarios demanding transcription and translation

  • Global collaboration and communication: in international business settings, transcribing and translating meetings or conferences becomes crucial for fostering effective communication. The accuracy of transcriptions ensures that the essence of discussions is retained, while translations make the content accessible to a broader audience.
  • Multilingual content marketing: for businesses aiming to expand their reach, transcribing, and translating their marketing content is imperative. This includes transcreating advertising scripts to ensure that the translated version not only captures the meaning but resonates culturally with the target audience.
  • Global media publications: journalistic interviews or reports conducted in one language may find a broader readership when translated. Transcription serves as the foundation for accurate translations, enabling media outlets to share diverse perspectives on a global scale.
  • International research: in academic spheres, research interviews conducted in various languages need to be transcribed and subsequently translated. This ensures that the findings are accessible to a global audience, contributing to the cross-cultural dissemination of knowledge.
  • Educational and training materials: transcribing lectures or training sessions and subsequently translating them broadens the accessibility of educational content. This is particularly valuable in online courses or international training programs.

Technology and tools: elevating transcription and translation solutions

Having a constructive collaboration between technology and language expertise is vital for delivering efficient and accurate transcription and translation services.

SwissGlobal harnesses cutting-edge technology to optimise transcription and translation workflows. Our tools allow us to handle diverse content types, from audio files to video content and publications across various media channels and platforms. This technological edge ensures accuracy and efficiency in delivering high-quality language services.

Financial benefits of combining transcription and translation

Choosing an LSP that combines transcription and translation services may come with financial perks. At SwissGlobal, we value our clients and often extend discounted prices for those opting for both transcription and translation services as a bundled package. Beyond the linguistic advantages, this financial incentive adds value to the overall client experience.

Choose SwissGlobal for a seamless language experience

The combination of transcription and translation services is a powerful solution for effective global communication.

SwissGlobal offers a seamless language experience that goes beyond mere transcription or translation. Whether you’re in the legal, medical or technical field, we understand the specific requirements of your sector and ensure precision, style, and an innate understanding of the right language.

Elevate your business communication with our ultimate combo package, where each word is not just transcribed and translated but meticulously crafted for global impact.