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Certain sectors speak their own language – and yours is no exception. SwissGlobal has the right language specialists for all industries. Our experts have specific sector knowledge in addition to their linguistic skills, enabling us to bring technical and linguistic excellence together.

SwissGlobal is at home in the following industries

Banking and finance

The financial sector is one of the most heavily regulated. Businesses in this industry produce a wide range of text types for very different target audiences: research reports, product descriptions, compliance guidelines and much more. Translators working in this field therefore need an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. And it is precisely this expertise that our language specialists deploy on your behalf.

Banking and Finance


SwissGlobal offers a comprehensive array of tailored language services for law firms, legal departments and businesses. Our experienced, specialist translators have detailed knowledge of legal matters, and our expertise in this field enables us to provide you with precise specialised translations of legal texts.


Pharma and healthcare

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare are sensitive industries, which is why they are so tightly regulated. The subject matter is also highly complex and requires specialist knowledge to translate. Our linguists have the necessary training and expert knowledge to translate your texts accurately and effectively.

Pharma and healthcare

Public sector

The public sector, charities, clubs and organisations (NGOs/NPOs), along with national and international organisations, have specific communication needs. Our experienced language experts have relevant industry experience and can help you to produce and translate all the types of texts you require.

Public sector

Luxury goods

Makers and sellers of watches, cars, designer furniture and luxury properties appeal to their customers through an emotional connection. However, each linguistic region has its own cultural preferences. Our specialists have the knowledge and skills to convey these emotional nuances in a way that works effectively in your customers’ languages, from both a linguistic and a cultural angle.

Luxury goods

Commodities and energy

Commodities and energy are inherently international industries in which multilingual communication is crucial. With their experience of the sector, our expert translators ensure that there are no linguistic barriers to the import and export of these valuable goods.

Commodities and energy

SwissGlobal stands for security

We guarantee absolute confidentiality in relation to your documents. That is why we work with an established, ISO 27001-certified Swiss IT partner, which hosts our data securely in Swiss data centres. Your data and texts do not leave Switzerland at any point.
ISO 27001

We use CSF infrastructure, which is ISO 27001-certified. Your data is processed with absolute discretion.

ISO 17100

In order to uphold our high standards, all translations are reviewed by a second native speaker translator who is a specialist in your field (known as the “four-eyes principle”).

ISO 9001

Our quality management system is effective and efficient, and brings legal certainty. Processes are analysed and optimised on an ongoing basis.

ISO 18587

During post-editing, a qualified translator will correct and optimise your machine translation.