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Luxury goods

Be it watches, high-end property or designer furniture, luxury goods are all about creating an emotional pull for the consumer. How best to achieve this, though, varies in every language and culture. And that is where our strength lies. Expensive goods ultimately need to be presented in an alluring way, not just visually but also in terms of the language used.

Our texts make an impact

Luxury goods are all about the emotional connection. It is critical that this emotional pull is replicated in your translations; only then can the desired effect be achieved. Our experts have a flair for language and understand how to imbue your translations with the right emotions.

We understand cultural nuances

Our industry experts have deep knowledge of your target market and understand the cultural differences. They reflect these nuances in their translations and adapt the content as necessary.

We know your business

The language experts at SwissGlobal possess both outstanding linguistic skills and in-depth knowledge of your market. They successfully convey facts and emotions in other languages and cultures, simultaneously describing your product and bringing to life the feelings associated with it.

What do you want to have translated?

Real estate

Real estate

Real estate is multifaceted. As our home, it offers protection and anchors our lives in one place. People’s relationship to their own property is very personal and individualised. Nevertheless, real estate is also an investment and embodies a value that is more than just sentimental. Successfully portraying a property as both an investment and personal living space in a single text is an art. Our experienced language experts know how to effectively translate this content into the language and culture of your international clients.

Watch industry

Watch industry

What could be more Swiss than a watch? The profusion of watch brands with the “Swiss Made” label of quality include iconic names such as Blancpain, Omega, Chopard, Piaget, Breitling, Rolex and many more. Swiss watchmaking is prized around the world for its high quality and sophisticated craftsmanship, which is why translations for these works of art should also meet the utmost quality standards. Our experienced language experts translate the technical and linguistic subtleties of your watch brands into your customers’ language.



Precious pieces of jewellery accompany us throughout our entire life. They mean so much more to us than just jewels and valuable materials because they represent memories and emotions. Linguistic finesse is needed in order to translate these emotions into other languages and cultures. Our experienced translators can transform your content into peerless linguistic gems on a par with your own.

Fashion / accessories

Fashion / accessories

There are few industries more dynamic than fashion and accessories. On the one hand, there are the classic luxury labels like Chanel, Gucci and LVMH that reinvent themselves every season. On the other hand, new brands such as Uniqlo and Lululemon are constantly appearing, seizing the limelight with innovations and sensational launches. What they all have in common, however, is a desire to tell their own story to a global clientèle. Don’t leave anything to chance. We can translate the content for your brands into the contemporary language of your customers – anywhere in the world.

Designer furniture

Designer furniture

There is nothing more personal than your own interior living space. Countless brands worldwide ensure that we feel comfortable at home. The aim is the same in this area: create personality, authenticity and uniqueness by communicating your brand. Our language experts ensure that your communication strikes the right chord in other languages and cultures as well.

Automobile industry

Automobile industry

Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, Tesla. Whether new cars or vintage classics, luxury vehicles send auto aficionados off into fantastic daydreams. Translating these dreams into other languages and cultures is challenging, particularly so because translators in this segment also have to be familiar with a wide variety of technical details. Don’t hesitate to entrust your translations to our experienced language experts.

SwissGlobal is your ideal partner for language services in connection with luxury goods. We know how to kindle emotions and present your products in the best-possible light. Let us show you the benefits of working with a certified translation company.

SwissGlobal guarantees data security and confidentiality

Your data belongs to you and is your most precious asset. Accordingly, we treat it securely and with the utmost confidentiality. Our Swiss IT partner is ISO 27001 for Information Security Management-certified. When we prepare your translations, your data is processed encrypted on Swiss servers. This means that your texts and confidential information are never in any danger.
ISO 27001

We use CSF infrastructure, which is ISO 27001-certified. Client data is always treated confidentially and stored in encrypted form.

ISO 17100

All translations are checked by a second specialised translator working into their mother tongue (the ‘four-eyes principle’).

ISO 9001

Our quality management system guarantees quality and efficiency. Our processes are analysed and improved on a continual basis.

ISO 18587

The post-processing of machine translations (‘post-editing’) involves a qualified translator correcting your texts – guaranteed certified.

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