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Public sector

We serve the public sector, charities, clubs and organisations, along with national and international organisations – whether you are operating in multilingual Switzerland or internationally. In either case, professional multilingual communication is a must. SwissGlobal ensures that you are never lost for words in your work. 

We translate into your language

Multilingualism in everyday business? We make it possible. Thanks to our broad positioning and our carefully selected language experts, we offer translations into numerous languages.

Everything from under one roof

We translate your content into multiple languages, and can take care of all aspects of your communication if required. We can support your internal language team with individual services, or if you wish we can even take over the entire function on your behalf.

Machine Translation
We exercise discretion

For us, it goes without saying that documents from public authorities must be treated in total confidence. We have a state-of-the-art security infrastructure in place for managing your documents. We also vet our language experts very carefully, and they are bound by confidentiality in relation to all information they become aware of while working on a project.

What do you want to have translated?

Articles of association or incorporation

Articles of association or incorporation

Certain challenges arise when founding an association, such as ensuring that your articles of association or incorporation are translated correctly and faithfully. If your association is active throughout Switzerland or even internationally, relying on our experienced language experts is the right decision for you because SwissGlobal always delivers certified quality.

Guidelines and directives

Guidelines and directives

We ensure that all your employees are governed by the same rules, no matter where they are in the world.

Accounting and audit reports

Accounting and audit reports

Accounting provides a reliable picture of an association’s financial situation. An audit report sends a positive signal and instils confidence. Both of these text types require a degree of specialised knowledge, including a familiarity with the legal field. Our specialised translators really know their stuff, so you can trust our language experts to translate your texts professionally and accurately.

Activity reports

Activity reports

In addition to other tasks, an association’s executive board must also prepare an activity report. Such documents are crucial for ensuring the proper governance of the association and maintaining member confidence, which is why relying on language experts with the appropriate expertise to translate such texts is definitely your best choice.

Keeping in touch with members

Keeping in touch with members

Every association is as unique as its members. This special quality must be palpable when communicating with your members – even across language barriers. You can achieve this by relying on professional language services providers such as SwissGlobal to translate communication texts for your members. In this way, you remain authentic and recognisable even in the different languages of your members.

Administrative documents

Administrative documents

SwissGlobal puts your administrative documents into multiple languages, to ensure smooth communication in Switzerland and beyond.

SwissGlobal is your ideal partner for public sector translations. Whether you require press releases, advertising materials or your articles of association in another language, we are familiar with the specific requirements in your industry and apply our knowledge with precision. Get in touch with us to find out more and obtain a non-binding quote.

SwissGlobal guarantees data security and confidentiality

Your data belongs to you and is your most precious asset. Accordingly, we treat it securely and with the utmost confidentiality. Our Swiss IT partner is ISO 27001 for Information Security Management-certified. When we prepare your translations, your data is processed encrypted on Swiss servers. This means that your texts and confidential information are never in any danger.
ISO 27001

We use CSF infrastructure, which is ISO 27001-certified. Client data is always treated confidentially and stored in encrypted form.

ISO 17100

All translations are checked by a second specialised translator working into their mother tongue (the ‘four-eyes principle’).

ISO 9001

Our quality management system guarantees quality and efficiency. Our processes are analysed and improved on a continual basis.

ISO 18587

The post-processing of machine translations (‘post-editing’) involves a qualified translator correcting your texts – guaranteed certified.

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