Desktop publishing

A passion for detail: Once your texts have been translated or localised, we ensure that your publication makes a lasting visual impression too. Our desk top publishing experts can adapt the formatting and layout, edit images, graphics and statistics and give your work that final layer of polish.

With SwissGlobal, your texts are always in the right hands

Desktop publishing (DTP) is a technical service that can follow the translation or localisation process. A translation into German is often longer than the foreign source text. If it has to then fit into a brochure with the same number of pages or the same format, the translation will have to be shortened without altering the meaning. Graphics and images must also be considered: if they are not relevant for the German market, they will need to be adapted or localised. That in turn poses further challenges for the visual presentation of the publication. We of course offer DTP not just for German but for all the languages that we translate into.

Five reasons to opt for desktop publishing

  • print-ready product that makes a lasting impression
  • technologically clean and error-free solution
  • graphical and linguistic optimisation
  • statistics, images, graphics, etc. adapted and localised.
  • content adapted to the target market

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SwissGlobal stands for security

We guarantee absolute confidentiality in relation to your documents. That is why we work with an established, ISO 27001-certified Swiss IT partner, which hosts our data securely in Swiss data centres. Your data and texts do not leave Switzerland at any point.

ISO 17100

In order to uphold our high standards, all translations are reviewed by a second native speaker translator who is a specialist in your field (known as the “four-eyes principle”).

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ISO 9001

Our quality management system is effective and efficient, and brings legal certainty. Processes are analysed and optimised on an ongoing basis.

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