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Translated by machines – perfected by people. Despite all the technological progress that has been made and the arrival of artificial intelligence, machine translation quality still does not match up to what our human translators produce. That is why we recommend having your secure machine translation output polished by our post-editors.

Post-Editing Post-Editing

Post-editing: machine translation with the human touch

In post-editing, our specialist translators conduct a rigorous review of texts translated by a computer. The process is based on the ISO 18587 standard (Post-editing of machine translation output), which sets out in detail exactly how and to what extent machine translated text should be revised and edited. The end result of post-editing is a machine-translated version of your text that has been optimised and authorised by a human being – the ideal solution when you need to strike the best possible balance between time, cost and quality.

Full post-editing: checked and refined in every respect

At SwissGlobal, we don’t do things by halves. That is why we recommend a full post-editing service whenever possible. The objective here is to transform the machine translation output into something as close as possible to a human translation. As well as checking the machine-generated content for completeness and accuracy, our experts verify that the grammar, syntax and semantics of the text are correct. They also ensure that it meets all your expectations in terms of style, formatting and terminology.

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Machine Translation Machine Translation

The benefits for you as a client

  • Cost savings for your projects
  • Fast, cost-effective, efficient translation process
  • Quick turnarounds even for large volumes of text
  • Secure handling of your texts

SwissGlobal guarantees data security and confidentiality

Your data belongs to you and is your most precious asset. Accordingly, we treat it securely and with the utmost confidentiality. Our Swiss IT partner is ISO 27001 for Information Security Management-certified. When we prepare your translations, your data is processed encrypted on Swiss servers. This means that your texts and confidential information are never in any danger.
ISO 27001

We use CSF infrastructure, which is ISO 27001-certified. Client data is always treated confidentially and stored in encrypted form.

ISO 17100

All translations are checked by a second specialised translator working into their mother tongue (the ‘four-eyes principle’).

ISO 9001

Our quality management system guarantees quality and efficiency. Our processes are analysed and improved on a continual basis.

ISO 18587

The post-processing of machine translations (‘post-editing’) involves a qualified translator correcting your texts – guaranteed certified.