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Translation company in Zurich

Translation company in Zurich

SwissGlobal is more than just a translation company in Switzerland. We understand your business – and not just from a linguistic angle. Our subject matter expertise also ensures that our translations are of the highest standard.

Are you looking for a competent partner for your multilingual language projects? We are more than just a professional translation agency for Zurich. The world is becoming ever-increasingly connected, and Switzerland is no exception. Zurich is an especially popular location for international companies. Around a quarter of all Swiss inhabitants are now originally from abroad. This has lead to plenty of other languages being spoken in Switzerland alongside the official ones, not just for business, but also in the home. Do you require translations? We provide business solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into your systems and processes.

übersetzungsbüro schweiz übersetzungsbüro schweiz

übersetzungsbüro schweiz
Our services
Our services SwissGlobal offers a wide range of services, from specialised translations to transcription via proofreading. We can handle your language projects expertly from A to Z. Our bespoke language services will ensure you are understood throughout the world. We provide business solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into your systems and processes. You can find out more about our services here.

Our expertise

Our expertise

We are innovative: We always stay abreast of the latest technologies and improvements to processes. Our experts are at the cutting edge and combine state-of-the-art knowledge with our extensive experience and tried and tested methods to produce the best possible results. We are reliable: We value long-term working relationships tailored to each of our individual partners, to make sure you can grow your business successfully. We never compromise on quality: Our staff have many years’ experience in the translation industry. In addition, all of our processes and services are ISO-certified.
Our sectors
Our sectors SwissGlobal has the right language specialists, with industry-specific expert knowledge, for every sector. We know what it is all about, and are familiar with industry-specific terminology. This means we can combine specialist and linguistic excellence. We have expertise in the following sectors: banking & finance, law, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, commodity & energy trading, the public sector and luxury goods. You can find out more about our sectors here.
Our languages
Our languages Multilingual communication is indispensable in modern society. This is why we offer professional corporate solutions for a variety of languages. We translate not just your words but also your message, to make sure your clientèle understands you perfectly. At SwissGlobal, qualified specialised translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue. You can count on it. You can find out more about our languages here.

We are more than just a translation company based in Switzerland. At SwissGlobal, you can be sure that your language projects will always be in good hands. Have we got your interest? Ask us for a no-obligation quote today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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SwissGlobal guarantees data security and confidentiality

Your data belongs to you and is your most precious asset. Accordingly, we treat it securely and with the utmost confidentiality. Our Swiss IT partner is ISO 27001 for Information Security Management-certified. When we prepare your translations, your data is processed encrypted on Swiss servers. This means that your texts and confidential information are never in any danger.
ISO 27001

We use CSF infrastructure, which is ISO 27001-certified. Client data is always treated confidentially and stored in encrypted form.

ISO 17100

All translations are checked by a second specialised translator working into their mother tongue (the ‘four-eyes principle’).

ISO 9001

Our quality management system guarantees quality and efficiency. Our processes are analysed and improved on a continual basis.

ISO 18587

The post-processing of machine translations (‘post-editing’) involves a qualified translator correcting your texts – guaranteed certified.