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5 tips to get the best transcription

Typing out a script from audio and video files is tedious work. If you prefer not to or cannot do this task yourself, we will be happy to take care of it for you. However, before you send us your next file to be transcribed, read the following five tips to ensure that you will receive an excellent transcription in the end. Ultimately, the quality of the finished transcript depends largely on you, or rather on the quality of your audio or video file.

1. Test recording devices

The most obvious tip is usually overlooked, so let’s be clear. Before starting to record, test your recording equipment. Make sure that all of the participants are close enough to the microphone or recording device. The same advice applies to audio as well as video files, of course.

2. Avoid background noise

Choose a quiet place for recording. Avoid places with background noise or interference. And no, a café or restaurant does not fall into that category.

3. Smooth conversations

Are you planning a recording involving several speakers? Remind all of the participants not to interrupt each other in conversation if possible and not to talk at the same time. Exchanges such as these are difficult to understand, and the transcript will often have gaps in those sections.

4. Only pay for what you need

Only pay for what you really need. Does your audio or video file contain passages that are not necessary for the final purpose? Let us know exactly which sections you need, or edit your video beforehand so that we only transcribe what is really relevant.

5. Swiss German vs. standard German

If you have the choice between speaking Swiss German and standard German, try to speak standard German. We can employ speech recognition software to support us with standard German, which makes the transcription process faster and cheaper for you. In the case of Swiss-German language files, the main bulk of the transcription must be done manually, meaning that you end up paying more and lose valuable time.

Are you ready for your next transcription? We look forward to receiving your order request. Simply upload your audio or video file to the contact form, fill in the required information, and send us your request.