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April 28, 2022
5 minutes

Working at SwissGlobal – a look at remote work in the language industry in 2022

Melissa here – your SwissGlobal Content Manager. I’m usually the one writing or asking the questions. Today, I’m the one sharing my own story and giving some insights into what life as a remote worker in the language industry
April 27, 2022
6 minutes

How to translate a WordPress website: Your guide to a multilingual web presence

What do I need to do if I want to translate my WordPress website? This very question can cause many a headache. If your target audience speaks different languages, it is very likely that you need a multilingual website. 
April 26, 2022
2 minutes

SwissGlobal hosts digital RoundTable on Linguistic Reputation Management

On 25 April 2022, Matthias Trümpy and Melissa Diener led a digital RoundTable on Linguistic Reputation Management. The event was held in collaboration with CRO.SWISS, the leading peer-to-peer competence platform for reputation in…
April 4, 2022
5 minutes

Language Data Management in Localisation: What it is and why we need it

The localisation industry handles immense amounts of data every day. This creates a great opportunity for localisation leaders to explore a new avenue into AI leadership. Language industry researcher Konstantin Dranch is at the forefront…
March 31, 2022
2 minutes

SwissGlobal awards prize for the best thesis of the BA in Applied Languages at the ZHAW

Starting in 2022, SwissGlobal Language Services AG will be awarding the prize for the top thesis in the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Languages programme at the ZHAW. Students select a topic area of their choice and then demonstrate
March 21, 2022
5 minutes

From Organic to Synthetic: the Dawn of AI Voiceover

“More Human Than Human is our motto”: So said Dr Eldon Tyrell in the seminal science fiction film Blade Runner. Made 40 years ago this year, the movie’s vision of synthetic beings created to serve society is gradually becoming
March 8, 2022
9 minutes

Voice-over acting: how screen characters come to life

Disney movies have been enchanting both children and adults alike for almost a century now – and they did it again with their latest hit Encanto. But have you ever wondered how animated characters come to life? We took
Translations energy sector
February 25, 2022
4 minutes

Accurate and informative texts for translations in the energy industry

We have acquired great expertise producing translations for the energy sector. The specialised terms in our translations are always used correctly, both in terms of content and style. In addition, SwissGlobal’s proven translators…
translations luxury goods
February 22, 2022
4 minutes

Translations for the luxury goods sector: sophisticated, stylish, effective

We all associate meaningful emotions with luxury goods such as valuable watches, real estate or designer furniture. However, we all express our feelings differently. At SwissGlobal, the ability to convey such emotions accurately is…
February 22, 2022
5 minutes

Community interpreting via video? dolmX shows how it’s done right

It’s official! One of Switzerland’s latest and most innovative community video interpreting platforms is up and running. CEO Anja Höfs explains how dolmX came about, whom it caters to and how the company meets currents needs. What…
Translations public sector
February 18, 2022
4 minutes

Regionally adapted translations for the public sector

Our customer-oriented texts in the field of public sector translation are convincing and effective because we are thoroughly familiar with regional nuances and requirements. With our translations, you will always speak the language of your…
Legal translations
February 15, 2022
4 minutes

Legal translations – what makes them different and how to ensure that they are accurate?

The legal sector has its own language, and understanding it is often difficult even in one’s own mother tongue. In legal translations, the relevant terminology must be understood and accurately presented within the right context all the…
Financial translations
February 11, 2022
4 minutes

The need for financial translations

To be successful in the globalised world of banking and finance, companies must proactively create a multilingual setting in which to present themselves and carry out their work. Whether it is on your website, in marketing campaigns, or in…
February 9, 2022
7 minutes

Like father, like daughter: the journey to becoming a court interpreter

As the daughter of a translator and court interpreter, Emma Kosanovic knew from a young age that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. Pursuing her passion with drive and ambition, she became the Netherland’s youngest court…
Medical translations
February 8, 2022
3 minutes

Medical translations – specialised translations with no margin for error

In certain sectors, the absolutely accurate translation of content and the correct use of terminology take on even greater importance. Medical translations are one of these sectors, because an inaccurate translation of medical content can…
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